How to see Paris from a birds eye view


In order to get around Paris and visit all its many sights, two days are not enough. But for tourists, limited in time, there is an opportunity to explore the capital of France from a bird\'s eye view.

It is used by transit passengers and ordinary tourists who came here for the weekend, and very respectable gentlemen accompanied by charming ladies from agencies of the category Paris escorts, and tourist groups. It is, of course, about viewing platforms, the lack of which in Paris is clearly not observed.

  The most famous viewing points

Venues from which you can view the entire panorama of a giant city are located mainly in the central part of Paris. The most famous of these are the following:

    • The Eiffel Tower, on which viewing platforms are located on three floors;

    • panoramic site, located on the Arc de Triomphe;

    • The roof of the legendary Notre Dame de Paris;

    • the top of the Montmartre hill.

In addition, a very remarkable observation deck was located on the 53rd floor of the Maine-Montparnasse tower. On it visitors deliver the fastest elevators in all of Europe. And in this park, Butt Chaumont, for this purpose, an artificial mountain was specially constructed.

                                                     Flight on the airship

Recently, the guests of the French capital have gained a unique opportunity to enjoy the panorama of Paris during a flight on an airship. A special chic is the unhurried flight over the city, accompanied by dazzling beauty from the agency category VIP escorts Paris, which can successfully take over the functions of a guide. From a height you can not only survey the entire city, but also see the famous and world-famous landmark in a completely new and unexpected perspectives.

It is interesting that while overlooking the city from a great height, the tourist is surprised to find out for himself that Paris has a sufficiently clear and precise layout of the building.

This, of course, is not about the impeccable severity of geometric lines - yet the city was over two and a half thousand years old and began to be built at a time when no one knew about such a concept as a “master plan”. But a certain logic of construction when viewed from Paris from a height can be seen quite obvious.

Thus, even a person who arrived in the capital of France for only a few hours always has the opportunity to see all of Paris in all its glory.