Great acquaintance


With great pleasure we will open for you a completely different world, so skillfully hidden from the envious eyes of other people. Here you will have a unique opportunity to have a good rest and have a carefree time. And in this case Paris luxury escorts will contribute. They will realize all your secret dreams and fiery fantasies. One has only to take a chance and take the first step towards.

The two will not be bored for a second. The romance of these places beckons, involuntarily forcing to plunge into it completely. First, choose a restaurant and let yourself relax with a glass of delicious wine. Moreover, it is excellent here.

You can also have a great leisure time, observing, for example, an amazing panorama that opens up an incredible view that you can watch for hours without taking your eyes off. Or have a picnic in the fresh air. Nothing can replace these moments when you are alone with each other. In these two cases, do not miss the opportunity to try out local delicacies.

Sitting indoors you can order something juicy and nourishing (tartar steak - minced raw beef meat; duck leg confit - spicy stewed bird in addition with vegetables). Sitting in the park you can grab crispy baguettes, aromatic coffee and croissants. Or take Croque Monsieur with you (resembles our cheese sandwich, only a thousand times tastier). You’ll just lick your fingers!

Or take a walk through the streets and enjoy the charm of these charming places. And if you come across musicians, then you are very lucky. Live music is an incredible sight. You can listen without ceasing.

Go around famous sights. We promise you that you will enjoy cultural enjoyment. And here’s a short list: the Eiffel Tower (most likely everyone knows about it, because it’s the most visited location), the Louvre (art museum, which is located on the right bank of the Seine River), Tuileries Garden (an amazing and, moreover, free park in the first district), Concorde Square (an architectural monument in the classicism style.

Built at the end of the eighteenth century), Arc de Triomphe (fifty-meter monument), Conciergerie (former royal palace and prison), Montmartre (the highest point of the town, a hill height of 130 meters) and more. Paris escort models will do everything to make you comfortable and not bored. This we certainly guarantee and promise.