Fulfillment of desires

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All the same, acquaintance with the most interesting places should start with the classics - the symbol of France. After all, she is, as always, unshakable and majestic at any time. This, of course, is about the Eiffel Tower. You will not be able to miss this attraction, because it is the main landmark and one of the main decorations of the capital.

We advise you to climb it in the evening, when there is the least number of tourists. But in this case, you will only see Paris at night. I would like to note that he is insanely good and brilliant.

For example, the Eugene Delacroix Museum is a small room. Here the artist lived and worked right up to the most. It is a square with adam trees surrounded by beautiful buildings. This is the bottom of romantic locations, so taking a walk here will be a nice thing. So you are 100% provided with the cultural part.

Riding a hot air balloon is a great alternative. You can soar in the air and see everything at a glance. The structure itself is a structure as high as a twelve-story building. And when the aeronaut unties the rope and everything soars up, dizziness is inevitably felt. From such a height, it takes your breath away and your heart rate increases.

If you are a fan of hot games, tag casino with pleasure. You can't sit quietly here! The blood boils in veins at an incredible speed, and the tension increases with every second. But we are sure that you are a player in life and you have nothing to do with it. Perhaps you will hit the jackpot. More precisely, we have no doubt, because you have such a talisman. Yes, and views from the people around you are guaranteed to your couple!

Or throw everything aside and have a picnic. Great idea, though. After all, there are many wonderful corners for these purposes. Sit in a park. So you will work up an excellent appetite and get a good emotional charge.

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