Favorable conditions for business

What only titles do not award the capital of France. Paris is called the City of Love, the Capital of world fashion, and the center of world culture and history. But at the same time, the legendary ancient megalopolis, quite confidently keeping abreast of current trends, is also one of the most favorable and promising places for business and entrepreneurial activity.

It is not by chance that Paris is literally overflowing with not only representatives of aristocratic circles, world celebrities and stars, but also respectable businessmen, who are often accompanied by dazzling beauties of the VIP French escort Paris category, sparkling with radiant smiles and magnificent outfits.

Unlike London or Brussels, French law applies to foreign businessmen much more loyally. Suffice it to say that in order to carry out business activities, a passport from one of the EU countries is not a requirement.

And business prospects are explained, oddly enough, by the lack of oversaturation of investments. And this is despite the fact that the number of tourists visiting the capital of France all year round is estimated at millions.

From the point of view of a comfortable business environment in Paris, there are no tangible problems. The city has an excessive number of hotels and apartments of various levels of comfort, a developed transport network, a sufficient variety of places for business meetings and negotiations. The only difficulty that an entrepreneur may encounter is a certain lack of office space and, as a result, their high cost.

The best solution to these problems is the Paris suburban district of La Défense. It is here that the business pulse not only of Paris but of the whole of France beats. Recently, the area is actively built up and landscaped. It is here that most of the Parisian skyscrapers, business centers and representative offices of leading world companies are located.

It is on the streets of La Defense that the largest number of white-collar workers, successful businessmen, charmers of the category Top-models escort Paris and other respectable public are concentrated. Suffice it to say that in the quarter, which has a population of 20,000, only 150,000 people come to work every day.

Of course, not overlooked and leisure. In the district of Defense there is everything you need for quality rest and comfortable entertainment:

    • luxury hotels;

    • luxury restaurants;

    • recreational areas and art objects;

    • nightclubs and other places of entertainment.

At the same time, the region continues to develop at a rapid pace, confidently turning into the business capital of all Europe.

Taking into account the soft by continental standards taxation conditions and the absence of an excessive bureaucratic machine, doing business of almost any format in the capital of France has very attractive prospects. Especially if you take into account the potential that this one of the main centers of world tourism has.