Exclusive excursion

Agree: it would be strange if in one of the recognized capitals of European winemaking there was no museum dedicated to the divine nectar! There is one in Paris, the area around which was once completely planted with vineyards. Times have certainly changed since then.

But the wine museum still remained. And even if in France itself the debate about whether other regions or countries have the right to appropriate historical brands (Champagne, Cognac, etc.) does not subside, the Parisian Wine Museum remains a truly chic, mysterious and mesmerizing place!

There is one incredible and even mythical story in this magical place. One has only to deviate from the course set by the guide, leading the few tourists along the usual route, as you immediately feel yourself in some incredible secret! After all, it was in these adits that the monks mined that very Ryu-dos-Aude (Water Street) since the 13th century!

Ordinary tourists go through these mesmerizing dungeons almost at a run. And, as for the individual excursions of gentlemen in the company of beauties of the escort Paris class, everything looks completely different here ...

The very entourage of a medieval dungeon does not plunge into fear, but arouses curiosity:

• how monks, who did not possess the current technology, were able to dig caves with a total difficulty of one kilometer;

• how these bottles of wine were preserved, if they were found some 50 years ago;

• how incredibly exquisite are these rough barrels, instruments for pressure of grapes and these unexpected wax figures, personifying medieval winemakers!

But the most important surprise awaits the selected guests ahead!

And here's what's interesting: men in expensive suits and girls of the Paris elite escorts category, quite fine-looking couples and wealthy tourists, walking through medieval dungeons, will not find a single speck of dust on their outfits! How can this seemingly be?

And the fact is that at the end of this fascinating journey, guests will find a unique tasting of incredible wines that brave tourists have just passed! At a magnificently draped table, a professional sommelier will tell many legends and pour various secrets into the glasses!

Of course, these unique impressions and unforgettable emotions are best shared with a charming companion! Our agency just offers to make a visit to the exclusive mysterious route of the Wine Museum in the company of a charming companion. Well, and at the end of the route, drink wine with a unique beauty!