Entertainments and sights of Paris

For a “typical” tourist, Paris is associated with the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the famous Notre Dame. But there are other, little-known sights of the French capital. So, take a walk through the unknown Paris, walk along non-tourist routes, discover quiet streets and get new emotions.

Walking around the Marais quarter, be sure to go with your companion for a cup of coffee to the courtyards of the village of Saint-Paul. This is the name of the place behind the church of St. Paul and St. Louis, which now houses antique and art shops, cozy cafes, and ancient Gothic buildings.

The Parisians themselves call this quarter mysterious. This quiet medieval town can be safely recommended to lovers of antique items in Paris. And in one of the many art shops you can buy unique and original paintings and portraits for yourself and your beloved lady.

Next to the building of the winter circus is one of the most stylish Merci shops in Paris, with its cafes and restaurants where aromatic coffee is so beautifully drunk. Your companion from Paris escort ladies will certainly enjoy the famous dessert of fresh berries!

The ancient Marais district is fraught with memories of the centuries-old history of Paris: here is the oldest square of the capital - the Vosges, which was called Royal until the end of the 18th century, and it appeared at the beginning of the 17th century on the initiative of Henry IV. Once upon a time there was the Turret complex of palace structures where monarchs lived and ruled.

When strolling near 74 des Archives, be sure to visit the Dessance Bar. Among the cozy, non-intrusive interior, in silence, alone with your lady from Paris escort ladies, you will appreciate the taste of delicious dishes: tuna with young peas, gazpacho with mozzarella, lime sorbet with white cheese cream with spices and many other delights.

And finally, after a long walk through ancient Paris, you need to think about relaxation. There is a charismatic boutique hotel “Du Petit Moulin” in the Marais quarter, designed according to the design of Christian Lacroix himself, for each room he created a unique image and interior. The hotel staff will create comfortable conditions for you and your companion from Paris escort girls.