Come to our world of pleasures and comforts


It is with great pleasure that we open the hidden curtain for you, so carefully hidden from the eyes of other people. Here you will have a unique opportunity to have a good rest and have a carefree time. And this will help our gorgeous girls. They will realize all your secret dreams and burning fantasies. One has only to dare and take the first step towards. Escort Paris is completely at your service.

Paris is a city of incredible beauty with a favorable climate. There are enough parks here, pleasing to the eye with their bright greenery. So there will be no problems where to take a walk and breathe in fresh air. And you are doubly lucky, because you are not alone, but in company with a pretty lady. Therefore, any pastime will be only a joy.

We advise you how to culturally satiate and see unique sights of its kind. We recommend the following positions: Eiffel Tower, Opera Garnier, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Montmartre, Cite Island, Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Center Georges Pompidou, Palace of Versailles, Luxembourg Gardens and so on.

Use the services of a professional guide, or explore everything yourself. Moreover, your companion is well-read and educated. Therefore, she tells you all the most interesting. For your convenience, rent a car and explore the surroundings with complete comfort. This will save your valuable time and allow you to cover the largest volume of locations.

National cuisine occupies a special honorable step in the list of necessities. You won’t try all the food, but you have to eat something. So we advise you to have dinner or lunch at some famous restaurant. By the way, we offer you to try the following dishes: oysters; cheese plateau; Marseille ear; onion soup; frog legs; croissants potofoe; cassule; duck confit; Lyon salad with croutons; roasted chestnuts, peppermint ice cream, truffle dishes and more.

Most importantly, the French always use fresh produce. A commitment to tradition cannot be taken away from them. So the gastronomic orgasm is guaranteed to you. And in the morning, the perfect option is aromatic coffee and crispy freshly baked croissants.

With Paris escort service you will find entertainment to your liking, choosing something from the above or to your taste. Have a good and memorable vacation, dear friends!