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On the first day of exploring the city, it is much more pleasant just to wander the streets, imbued with its atmosphere. Or drop into a park and walk through the green surroundings. Agree, a touch of romance is still present here.

This city beckons with its majesty and splendor. Once here, plunge into it from head to toe. See the sights that have left a mark on history. If you are interested, you can visit the world's most popular museum for free, namely every Sunday. If you suddenly do not understand what this is about, then this is about the Louvre. The Pompidou Center works in much the same way.

There are many other things to visit. For example, the Palace and Park Ensemble of Versailles; Triumphal Arch; Disneyland (the largest amusement park in Europe); Champs Elysees; Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Montmartre, Ile de la Cité; Opera Garnier; Moulin Rouge (a cabaret popular all over the world and won the hearts of many), the incomparable Eiffel Tower, known to everyone and so on.

The Parisian suburb of Saint-Ouen is famous not only for its fantastic flea market, but also for the great variety of restaurants scattered around every corner. For example, Chez Louisette will amaze with its splendor. Multicolored lamps and exciting music will impress anyone. And the food just lick your finger. Artichoke soup, smoked veal, Marseille fish soup, ratatouille, frog legs and seafood are just a few of the things you can try.

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