Billionaire Village

In the center of Paris, not far from the Eiffel Tower, there is a very remarkable quarter, or rather an island called Villa Montmorency. This is a special territory, reliably hidden from prying eyes and carefully guarded. You can enter the territory by presenting to the stern guards either a special pass or a special invitation.

The fact is that Villa Montmorency is such a peculiar Parisian counterpart to Beverly Hills. In this community, located in the 16th district, there are exclusively billionaires. The names of some of them are known throughout the world, while others prefer to remain in the shade.

Among the guests of this isolated conglomerate are entirely bankers, financiers, politicians, stunning beauties from luxury Paris escorts agencies, show business stars and world celebrities. Here, for example, lives the Vincent Bollore family, whose fortune is estimated at 3.8 billion euros, here are the mansions of Carla Bruni Sarkozy and Celine Dion, and Gerard Depardieu and many other famous personalities lived here recently.

Of course, life at Villa Montmorency is significantly different from any other part of Paris. There is no usual metropolitan fuss, and the routine looks decorum and noble. Naturally, all the benefits of a comfortable stay are available to billionaires:

    • armed guards providing complete security;

    • a ban on the use of noisy equipment and a barbecue;

    • lack of nightclubs and other entertainment venues;

    • limit on the number of cars - no more than two per family.

Ecology is given increased attention. Just one example: every fallen or felled tree is instantly replaced by a new one, and garbage is taken out not by noisy trucks, but by special electric vehicles.

Despite the fact that real estate prices in this isolated area can be safely called astronomical (renting the most modest dwelling alone costs from 4 million euros), demand for it is much ahead of supply.

Suffice it to say that it is not only the “white-collar workers” who come to watch accompanied by enchantresses of the top model escort Paris category or heroes of glamorous magazines dream of buying a mansion here. Some buildings occupy the headquarters of large companies and even consulates or embassies. Who does not dream of living next to such neighbors? Especially if he can afford it from a financial point of view.