Coordinates of the best spring entertainment!

The flow of visitors to Paris with the arrival of spring only increases and the capital does not get tired of offering its admirers more and more entertainment, exhibitions and concert programs for any, even the most demanding taste. 


And the fact that you do not have a suitable company, and you do not know French, does not serve as a reason to deny yourself the pleasure, to visit the most interesting events of spring. Just Paris call girls and in a short time you will have not only a pleasant company in the face of a beautiful young lady, but also a personal guide, assistant, assistant, who will take care of all your rest. You will only have to point the direction and wholeheartedly enjoy the upcoming journey accompanied by a worthy companion. 


In the middle of spring, the capital decided to find out the opinion of the artistic bohemian "Why live in the city." It is the work on this topic, presented by French and international galleries, will be at the upcoming Urban Art Fair exhibition that includes a whole series of new artistic trends. If you are not indifferent to this topic, do not forget to attend the event, which, in addition to exhibitions, promises sessions of autographs, installations and performances. 


If your interests lie in the field of design, Paris again invites those wishing for a grandiose fair to personalize your own home. On it you will find everything you can imagine for your most grandiose projects: furniture, decor, ideas for decorating a table or landscape of a country villa. 


This, as for the main sector of the fair. Other sectors will represent fashion, culture of different countries of the world, gastronomy, leisure and wine. If you want to be aware of the most fashionable trends in the world this year - you should definitely visit it. 


Of course, the list of bright events is unlimited only by these events. The exhibition of Pablo Picasso Guernica's work is expected, which will present the sketches made by the artist during the writing of the picture and the incendiary show "Hairspray" by the acclaimed film of the same name, the international exhibition of works by young photographers and much more. 


So order escort Paris in the best agency of this city and have fun in one of the most interesting capitals of the world. 


Especially since spring is gaining momentum and it is already possible to make long excursions around the city, visit the famous metropolitan parks and of course rest from impressions in numerous bars and restaurants with the most exquisite cuisine in the world