The most mysterious

One of the most mysterious and mysterious areas of the French capital is called Cité. What is this atmosphere of mystery, and why is this impressive number of tourists seeking here? Why is it here that the concentration of respectable men is so high, accompanied by incredible beauties of the category Exclusive Paris escorts, representatives of show business, world celebrities, royals? Why are they so attracted to one of the districts of Paris?

The history of the capital of France is over 2,000 years old. What only during the existence did not survive this city:

    • status of a deep Roman province;

    • the invasion of barbarians, Vikings, oriental conquerors;

    • seizure by almost half of European countries, including Russia;

    • bombing and shelling.

Moreover, this tragic story continues today. Only "yellow vests" are worth

But what is interesting is that all that has been said above does not in any way concern the Paris region of Cité. Of course, in Paris there are other legendary quarters. But it is in Cité that most fashionable establishments are located.

These include, in particular, expensive hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries and famous bistros. Is it any wonder that the concentration of handsome gentlemen, beauties of the class Paris escort student, successful people is so high on the streets of Cité?

Today Paris is one of the largest conglomerates in Europe. But once the French capital consisted of only a few blocks. A few hundred years ago, there was neither the Latin Quarter, nor the Champs Elysees, nor even the famous Eiffel Tower. But the area has already been Cité.

In fact, it is one of the two islands on which the former Roman colony is located. Even in ancient times, the Celtic tribe of Parisis lived here. From here, this city got its name. Is it any wonder that successful and accomplished people from all over the world are striving here? The area is, of course, expensive, but safe, fashionable and respectable.