The European type

The history of the European continent abounds by all sorts of natural and social cataclysms, which, with the regularity of the phenomenon of nature, removed tribes and entire peoples from habitual places, turned cities and whole regions into deserted deserts. All this contributed to the careful mixing of peoples and ethnic groups, the formation of a special genetic cocktail, which was the reason for the formation of the European type of female beauty, which could not be etched even by the Inquisition that raged in the Middle Ages with its fires.

The status of the European capital of style for several centuries was conquered and confirmed by Paris, today it has become not only a European but also recognized world capital of beauty. Thanks to this status, as well as permanent work, willingly or unwillingly aimed at its maintenance, escort Paris to date has been unsuccessfully challenging the more traditional attractions of the status of the main tourist magnet, although not listed in any of the tourist guidebooks.

Attractive enough in this quality in themselves, Paris call girls perform another important function among tourists. Despite the fact that modern transport is much more comfortable than transport at least half a century ago, and its high-speed characteristics for the arrival from point "A" to point "B" require traveling much less, it does not make this part of the journey an easy and carefree pastime.

A modern trip or flight is quite a serious test for the spiritual and physical strength of a person, with the exception of a small portion of people who enjoy it. Therefore, tourists arriving in the French capital often need help in order to restore mental and physical strengths in the shortest possible time and begin actually to rest, visit more familiar tourist attractions, which is what the traditional guidebooks in all tourism agencies call for.

However, not only tourists and ordinary travelers make up the target audience of the Paris escort service - numerous financial flows of continental and planetary scale passing through the French capital bring businessmen here who also need a variety of services they offer to solve an extremely wide range of tasks.