Bourgeois Paris

At a time when the whole world is racing at a frenzied speed where it would be desirable for a moment to get out of the crowd and relax surrounded by bourgeois luxury, devoid of minimalism, so beloved by modernity. Feel the peace and beauty of the world next to a beautiful woman with a royal posture and a regal smile, even if it is temporary services Paris elite escort.


And if the desire is irresistible, the French capital, carefully preserving the magnificent ancient palaces, has turned some of them into elite hotels, in which the bourgeois past of the great city still hangs.
In the heart of one of the most elegant areas of Paris is the only hotel-palace of St. James.


Surrounded by private gardens, it offers 49 private apartments, designed in the style of guest rooms in the royal castle. Mad luxury combined with the original design of Bambi Sloan creates a fantastic world of a glorious past, when the first balloons were launched into the sky.


This is not a traditional hotel, it does not have similar suites, each guest room is individual. You can choose a duplex with a gentlemen's room, dressed in tweed and an adjacent music room, on the top floor of which is a real winter garden.


Or an independent villa, where there is a living room, an office area, a luxurious bedroom and a private spa with hammam, jacuzzi and massage.

A restaurant and a large terrace with private gazebos and a traditional English lawn fit the atmosphere.


As for the bar, it is specially for gentlemen located in an old library, where in a cozy atmosphere, surrounded by 12,000 books, ancient portraits and leather furniture, the famous sommelier of the palace hotel offers you to enjoy the silence and famous cocktails created exclusively for the guests of St. James.

Within the walls of the famous hotel there is a closed men's club, and for its guests, it occasionally organizes unique exhibitions and renders a wide variety of individual services, both for royalty.


You can be sure that enjoying the bourgeois luxury and comfort of a private residence, you will not be forgotten in time to lodge a car if you want to go for a walk accompanied by a beautiful lady from Paris escort, provide a room for a private party or organize a private celebration on the occasion of an important date.In Paris, not to be tempted, and the Hotel St. James is one of them.