Romantic walks in Paris!

Although the most romantic day of the year has already passed the scent of love experiences, like refined French perfumes, is still present on the streets of the most elegant city in the world. He finds it difficult to resist.


And if romance, this is what you need now, maybe it's worth to relax a bit too tight knot of a tie, take off a business jacket, Paris call girls, find a worthy companion and at least a couple of hours to escape from the usual fuss.


And go to start in Belleville, the so-called Chinatown, to work up a healthy appetite in one of the beautiful parks of Buttes de Chaumont. Where there are caves and waterfalls, exotic trees, cobbled paths, a suspension bridge and an artificial lake. He is considered one of the largest in the city, and Parisians adore him for his charm and originality.


And on the way to the park look at one of the largest markets in the district to buy fresh baguette, a pair of tender croissants, slices of Parma ham or traditional cheese and a romantic picnic in one of the picturesque lawns.


And if you do not want to go to the park, you should take a stroll with your companion through the narrow streets of Montmartre, and before reaching the top of the hill, stop at the steps of Sacre Coeur, in the place where the bohemian artists and traveling musicians gather. And maybe order a portrait, who knows, you may be lucky, and a painted portrait in the future will turn out to be a great work of art.


And if you have already appeared in this area, be sure to take a picture against the backdrop of a 40 meter wall, laid out of blue slabs. The phrase "I love you", written in different languages, adorns every millimeter of the wall area.


As a place for romantic walks the Seine embankment is suitable, along which there are about 30 unique bridges offered by the city. And if you want to make a wish and be sure that it will come true, you should go under Pont Marie or a bridge of lovers.


Well, finish the day, accompanied by Paris luxury escorts, followed by a traditional candlelight dinner. French gastronomy is able to please everyone without exception tastes. It does not matter that it will be one of the oldest restaurants in the world, Lapérouse or L'Alcazar, an old cabaret, turned into a minimalist brasserie with delicious specialties of the new cuisine. In any place you are guaranteed excellent service, luxurious dishes and an atmosphere filled with love and romance.