What we do not know about Paris

It would seem that Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world and literally everyone knows about it. The French capital has a very long time and deservedly has a number of unofficial titles, which, however, are deeply rooted in the minds of people, on whatever continent they live and in whatever country they live:

    • the most romantic point of the globe, the capital of love;

    • center of European and world fashion;

    • concentration of cultural, religious and aesthetic traditions;

    • gastronomic "mecca";

    • standard of fine taste and sense of style.

However, Paris would not be himself if he so easily revealed all his secrets. Yes, undoubtedly, the unique atmosphere for which the richest people of the world come here, royals, show business stars and dazzling beauty Paris luxury escorts model class, captivates, calls and beckons. But there is something else in the capital of the Fifth Republic. Let it not be conspicuous at first.

Usually, tourists visiting the city on the Seine are shown a standard set of attractions. As a rule, it includes the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, the Louvre and other well-known historical or geographical objects. But there are places in Paris that are not included in the official review program. Meanwhile, they are very curious and deserve a certain attention:

    • the underground, which in terms of its existence is only slightly inferior to Paris;

    • fountains that you can meet in completely unexpected places and be surprised by their colorful picturesqueness;

    • a small street of General Lemonier, where, unlike in the whole country, left-hand traffic is officially adopted.

And this is not all Parisian secrets. Even on the remote corners of this amazing metropolis, one can meet face to face with a world celebrity, slowly accompanying the charming charmer of the Paris elite escorts category, a renowned athlete or a famous politician.

Of course, there is an opportunity to purchase an exclusive individual excursion. Moreover, you can even go through the legendary or little-known streets and boulevards of what is called "savage." Moreover, the planning will not allow getting lost, the cafe and bistros are located almost at every step, the transport infrastructure can be called ideal, and the Parisians themselves, as a rule, are always ready to come to the rescue of the guest.