The most famous bridges of Paris

Few people know that not only Venice, St. Petersburg or Amsterdam, but also Paris can boast of world-famous river crossings. Yes, in the French capital the number of bridges cannot be compared with many other cities.

But the French have a reason to be proud of these unobtrusive, at first glance, sights. At least due to the fact that their railings remember not only the warmth of the hands of today\'s beauties from the agencies of the category Paris call girls, but also the sighs of the royals.

No matter how surprisingly it sounded, but the Parisians themselves recognize as the main one of their 38 bridges caressing the ear of any Russian by the name of Alexander III. Yes, the French perfectly remember their history. And the bridge Pont Alexandre III, crossing the Seine in the very center of the city, is one of the most beautiful viaducts in Europe.

The incredible abundance of various architectural and artistic elements makes tourists from all over the world look at this bridge (even without visiting it). By the way, in St. Petersburg there is a twin brother of the famous Parisian bridge. Today it is called “Trinity” and was built by the French. Such was the persuasion between the two countries, which marks the establishment of an \"eternal\" friendship between the allies at the end of the nineteenth century.

Another incredibly beautiful bridge - Pont de la Concorde - is also located near the Champs Elysees. According to legend, the Concord Bridge was erected from the stones of the ruined Bastille. That is why a tradition has appeared to come here to quite prosperous bourgeois, luxurious ladies and quite modern beauties of the elite escorts Paris class, although without shedding tears, since very quickly the bridge was named after the next French Revolution.

It is said that this bridge almost collapsed from the gravity of the sculptures, columns and busts with which the then kings tried to reward him. But, by a miraculous coincidence, the guardian angel of Paris did not allow such a catastrophe. Therefore, the name \"Consent\" returned to this structure.

In a short article it is difficult to describe all the Parisian bridges, even though there are not so many of them in the city. But the main mention, however, is necessary:

    • Austerlitz, reminiscent of both the history and the famous Eiffel Tower, and the rather dense metropolitan car traffic at the same time;

    • as if preserved in time, Pont des Arts (Pont des Arts), which is a pedestrian zone and represents one of the places of worship not only in Paris, but also the world’s beau monde;

    • The Changed Bridge is one of the most ancient in the city, repeatedly described in masterpieces of world fiction.

And this is not all. Yes, as mentioned above, Paris cannot compete with many European cities in the number of bridges. Yes, he never tried to. But every Paris bridge has its own history. Sometimes - fun, sometimes - very difficult, and at times - altogether ominous ...