Solving the classic secrets of Paris

It is unlikely that the founding fathers of the future capital of France could have imagined that Paris would become one of the main European capitals. Today this city attracts huge masses of tourists. Here you can meet the world stars of cinema, persons of royal blood, world celebrities. Through the streets of Paris, dazzling beauty category Paris call girls, accompanying respectable gentlemen in expensive costumes, slowly defile. But this was not always the case.

Historical takeoff and the prospect of falling

One of the main attractions of Paris, which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world to this city, is the romantic aura of this city. At the same time, few people remember that the capital of France did not immediately deserve this reputation. It is enough to recall, for example, that the city on the banks of the Seine was more than once captured by foreign troops:

    • Once this was captured by the Vikings, who came from the unknown North;

    • at different times, Germany took Paris with almost no resistance from the local population;

    • Russian troops took the city in 1813 as an edification after the victorious war with Napoleon.

To this we can add the fact that it was Paris that became the main center of the origin of the plague epidemic, which in the XIII century destroyed about two thirds of the European population. It goes without saying that at that time it was impossible to meet girls of the category Paris girls escorts on the streets of the city. But, paradoxically as it may sound, it was these cataclysms that served as a kind of catalyst for future changes.

In the middle of the XII century, the legendary Notre Dame Cathedral appeared on the banks of the Seine. Somewhat later, in those times, which are called the Age of Enlightenment, the city acquired such world-famous sights as Versailles, the Louvre and other cultural objects. Somewhat later, the overall picture of Paris was supplemented by the Eiffel Tower.

In addition to the legendary architectural monuments, living people have also glorified the capital of France. It was here that the immortal works of Voltaire and Hugo worked. It was on these streets that Charles de Gaulle walked, listening to the songs of his namesake Aznavour. In the romantic Parisian cafes, Mireille Mathieu tried to comprehend the musical intonations of the inimitable Edith Piaf.

In the end, it was here that D\'Artagnan lived with his musketeer friends. The cobbled streets of Paris, appearing on the main streets of the city in the early Middle Ages, retain traces of footprints of legendary personalities, famous representatives of royal blood and even mythical characters.