Paris\'s northern suburbs have always been considered the backyard of the French Empire. So it was led from the most ancient times and lasted until the end of the last century. Today, here you can easily meet the crowned heads, famous personalities, the dazzling beauties of the Paris VIP escort class and other celebrities. But this was not always the case.

In fact, the place was settled almost not earlier than the capital. True, unlike the secular city, the gloomy field was decorated, perhaps, by the presence of a very gloomy monastery. At the same time, the environs were covered with medieval legends, which can cool the souls of even the current completely pragmatic and cynical inhabitants:

    • it was here that the executions of women described in many epics took place, and they had no choice: drown or burn at the stake;

However, everything is not as tragic as it might seem at first glance.

The former monastic land, which looked rather sadly and deserted, received the architectural shrine through the efforts of Genevieve, who was included in the Face of the Saints. Let this tower not differ in special dimensions and some kind of monumentality. But people from all over the world are eager to see her, including Arab sheikhs, chic men in impeccable costumes, mind-blowing girls of the escort elite Paris category, movie stars and other characters.

Despite the ambiguity of fate, the legendary place greets tourists with an amazing climate by the standards of this region, the gentle sun and the almost complete absence of wind. Apparently, the harsh times have left a certain deficit in the kindness and goodness that this fertile land is gratefully sharing with its guests.