Paris began from here!


That is why people of various backgrounds are striving here - from budget tourists to royal persons, respectable gentlemen accompanied by dazzling beauties of the category top-class escorts Paris, stars of world cinema and other celebrities.


The French themselves call the island differently: Cité and Cité. This is due to the centuries-old history, during which not only the city, but also the language was subjected to changes.


In full accordance with the name, the city was located on the outskirts of the Roman Empire. This continued until the 6th century, when the legendary Frankish king, Clovis, moved the capital of his state here.


That most cult place, sung in music, literature and painting, to which both ordinary people and so-called celebrities strive - successful businessmen, TOP models, charms of  VIP escort Paris, presidents and actors.


As for the secrets of the island, they mainly lie in those historical and architectural landmarks, which are known throughout the world:

    • Palace of Justice;


But in addition to these legendary objects, a very remarkable Hotel-Dieu Hospital, a unique market of birds and flowers, was also located here. Not to mention the many restaurants, cafes, bistros, fashionable hotels and fashion boutiques. In addition, this is where the gloomy Bastille was located.


The bridges connecting the island with the rest of Paris are very curious and mysterious. There are only three of them, but the uniqueness of these hydraulic structures is that they once were streets. They have a unique historical aura and an aura of romance. That, in general, is peculiar to all of Paris. And there is nothing surprising in this, if we consider the “ancestor” of the City of Love.