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Paris is a city of lovers. Here, obviously, there is something to do for a sweet couple. You can visit the sights. For example, the Eiffel Tower; The louvre museum; Triumphal Arch; Sacre Coeur Basilica; Luxembourg Garden; Orsay Museum; Montmartre Palace of Versailles (located outside); Saint Chapelle; Latin Quarter; Elysian Fields; Place de la Bastille; Center Georges Pompidou; Cabaret Moulin Rouge and more. A girl is no worse than any experienced guide and will tell everything, as if transferring to a string of stories filled with amazing facts. “And for ages, be small to know everything!”

The latter will not leave anyone indifferent. This is the hallmark of Parisian nightlife. It exists since the end of the nineteenth century and for over a hundred years has been incredibly popular. The cabaret room is always full of junk, and tickets for performances are bought up much in advance.

Dozens of artists and hundreds of costumes made by world famous designers take part in the show. Everything is very beautiful, worthy and worth the money invested. Although earlier this place was considered "vicious" with debauchery reigning around. A real male at least once in his life, but must see it!

We advise you to go to some restaurant with local specialties. French cuisine is unique in its own way. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity. Moreover, it occupies a leading position in the world.

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