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This city beckons with its majesty and magnificence. Once here, plunge into it from head to toe. See the sights that have left a significant imprint on history. If you are interested, then you can visit the most popular world museum for free, namely every Sunday. If you suddenly do not understand what it is about, then this is about the Louvre. The Pompidou Center works almost the same way.
In addition, you can visit a lot of things. For example, the Palace and Park Ensemble of Versailles; Triumphal Arch; Disneyland (the largest amusement park in all of Europe); Elysian Fields; Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Montmartre, Cite Island; Opera Garnier; Moulin Rouge (a cabaret popular all over the world and won the hearts of many), the incomparable Eiffel Tower known to everyone and so on.
Trying local cuisine is a holy thing. Moreover, it occupies a leading position throughout the world. Do not believe it, then without fail check everything on yourself and you will definitely not be disappointed. The dishes are quite simple in content, but incredibly tasty. How do they manage to do this? The main secret is fresh food. In general, this is the key to success. Trust your intuition and order something unfamiliar. Treat yourself and your beautiful companion with goodies.
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