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The first question that you will ask yourself is where to run to spend your leisure time in this magnificent country as interesting as possible? Immediately rush straight to the Eiffel Tower? Yes, it is worth seeing once in a lifetime, but the huge crowds of tourists will kill all the desire to enjoy the beautiful views. You must contemplate France from all angles. What we will tell you now.

There is romance in every city and at any time of the day. If you go for a walk in the evening or even at night Paris, you will definitely not regret it. This town never sleeps. Narrow streets under cover of darkness will not leave anyone indifferent. Pop into the cafeteria from somewhere on the terrace. An interesting view opens from there.

Majestic castles will amaze your eyes. And they are scattered throughout the country. These are old dilapidated, majestic powerful fortresses, luxurious palaces, residences of kings and counts. Chambord, Amboise, Clos-Luce, Saumur, Chenonceau are considered the most famous. Walk along their unexplored corridors that hide history, climb endless staircases, appreciate the former grandeur of huge halls, touch antique furniture and unshakable fireplaces. Cultural delight is guaranteed.

Great idea for a picnic. After all, there are many wonderful corners for these purposes. Set yourself up, for example, in the Buttes-Chaumont park, the most romantic in Europe. In the fresh air, you will work up an excellent appetite. And don't forget to grab a bottle of wine. It doesn't hurt at all, adding only a touch of playfulness.

The cultural part can be very diverse, because there are a lot of worthy locations here. We suggest the following: The Louvre is a huge and impressive museum. It is considered one of the most interesting and controversial places in the city. It is rightfully believed that a grandiose place simply cannot be missed.

By the way, it consists of 5 floors and has about 35,000 exhibits. You can visit it only if you have a completely free day for this, which you are ready to devote to the contemplation of the beautiful. Or, if you just want to take a walk along the beautiful streets, then we advise you to head towards the Latin Quarter.

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