Beauty and natural charm

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How replete in the eyes of the unique architectural structures and simply interesting locations. And we, in turn, want to advise the following: the Louvre; Palace and Park Ensemble Versailles; Triumphal Arch; Disneyland (the largest amusement park in all of Europe); Elysian Fields; Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Montmartre, Isle of Cite, Center Georges Pompidou; Opera Garnier; Moulin Rouge, the incomparable Eiffel Tower and so on.

France and delicious food are not separable concepts. Therefore, be sure to try the most delicious dish. The choice was great, even my eyes scatter in different directions from such an assortment. For example, aromatic coffee; crispy baguettes; Lyon salad Marseille ear; onion soup; ratatouille; frog legs and so on.

Cabaret hikes are quite popular here. The most famous in the world is the Moulin Rouge. In order to get here tickets must be purchased as early as possible. An exciting show awaits you. Indifferent here obviously will not remain. Here are two daily performances. The first of which starts at 21:00, and the second is closer to midnight.

For fans of spicy there is such a "thing" as a casino. So why not take a chance? What if you're lucky and luck will be on your side. Then you will surely become the king and queen of the evening.

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