A fragrant and invigorating companion

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Paris beckons with its embellishments! No wonder it is called a romantic corner of the planet. A place of true love and significant meetings.

What to do when such a fatal seducer is around? Yes, what the soul desires.

Visit the signature restaurants and sample all sorts of goodies. Be sure to order a glass of sparkling wine to defuse the atmosphere. French cuisine is something special and unbeatable. Any foodie will confirm this. Everything is always fresh. And although the ingredients are at first glance simple, the dishes from them turn out to be unimaginable.

We advise the following: onion soup; snails (they are served in a shell); cheese plate; croissants; flavored coffee; steak tartare (thinly sliced ​​beef that was previously marinated. Plus a special sauce); oysters and stuff. The portions are large, so prepare yourself mentally. Although, despite this, many take the supplement. Because "you will lick your fingers." Indescribably delicious.

Also, do not disregard sights and popular locations. Everything here is steeped in history that goosebumps run down the skin. Louvre, Opera Garnier, Latin Quarter, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, snow-white Church of the Sacred Heart - Sacre Coeur, Conservatory, Montparnasse (one of the old high-rises of the city), Place de la Concor (huge square) - a small list of what you can see. And the lady will tell everything no worse than a professional guide. And why do you need it, you want to enjoy this pastime.

For the most variety, check out the Red Light District. You will be welcomed by a great variety of cabarets. The most popular of these is the Moulin Rouge.

You will remember Paris escort girls forever. And most likely you will want to repeat it. Why not. If you liked everything and there is a mutual desire. So see you soon, dear friends.